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This page was last updated: May 6, 2016
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News, Events, Tips and Resources

10 Setup Secrets For Your Home Based Business

by The Jamison Team on 11/28/16

Setting up a home based business doesn't have to be intimidating, expensive or time consuming. When you decide to make your living working from home, you simply need to go through a basic set up process to ensure you are ready.

Here are the steps for setting up your home business for success:

1. Attitude

- The key to your business success is your attitude.

- Treat your business like a business.


Best Money Market Account

by The Jamison Team on 11/03/16

When you are looking for a good safe way to invest your money you should look into a money market account. They are a great way to maximize your savings potential without any risk. Many people don't understand the way money market accounts work and therefore they don't know how to choose the best money market account for their financial situation. 


Answering Phoned Inquiries About The Home You Are Selling

by The Jamison Team on 10/31/16

When you are selling your home, expect a lot of people to “intrude” on your privacy. If your home is being handled by real estate agents, then most of the calls and inquires would be handled by them. If you are selling your home by yourself, then you’ve got a big job in your hands.


Buying a Diamond in the Rough

by The Jamison Team on 10/24/16

It may be your budget, or the thrill of doing it all yourself, but you are in the market for a diamond in the rough. But just how rough can a house be before a lender decides not to take the risk on a mortgage?  READ MORE HERE.....

More Return On Equity For Your Investment Property Dollar

by The Jamison Team on 10/12/16

Few would deny that real estate is a solid investment. It provides an attractive combination of stability, reliable cash flow, preservation of principal and capital appreciation. However, many investment property owners nearing retirement find themselves in a quandary. They are equity rich, but cash poor, with increases in the value of their property far outpacing income growth. They also are often tied down by the day-to-day issues of property management and, particularly in cities like San Francisco, California, shackled to the constraints of rent (and eviction) control. In fact, San Francisco is home to some of the lowest cash return on equity in the state's real estate marketplace, which is somewhat counter-intuitive given California's ever-booming property market.


Don’t Rely Excessively On Appraisals

by The Jamison Team on 10/03/16

Getting an appraisal on a home is a fundamental aspect of making a purchase. While appraisals are certainly helpful, you should not put too much stock in them.

 Don’t Rely Excessively On Appraisals

 An appraisal is a valuation of a property by an independent appraiser. The appraiser does an evaluation of the home, considers the home in comparison to others of comparable type and so on. Once completed, the appraiser then issues a written appraisal value of the home. Many homebuyers make the assumption the appraisal is the true value of the home both now and in the future. This can be a dangerous assumption.


Need Mutual Fund Information?

by The Jamison Team on 09/20/16

Mutual fund info is one of the most sought after things on the market when it comes to investing. People are considering this fun option for many reasons. First, what is a mutual fund? It is a way of allowing many investors to pool their money together and to allow a professional investment manager to manage the money in the larger sum. Because more is invested as the group, more money can be made in this situation. But, who, what, where and when are all questions that many people are asking as well. Mutual fund info is right around the corner though.


Automobile Tax Expenses

by The Jamison Team on 09/12/16

If you use a vehicle for conducting business, you can deduct certain automobile tax expenses from your tax bill. This is true even if you use the vehicle for personal and business needs.

Automobile Tax Expenses

The powers that be have historically written sections into the tax code promoting business activities. One of the traditional write-offs has always been the expenses associated with using a vehicle for business purposes. READ MORE HERE.....

10 Ideas For a Quicker and Easier Sale When Selling Your House

by The Jamison Team on 09/06/16

1. NO CLUTTER. Throw out old newspapers and magazines. Pack away most of your small items like figurines and other trinkets. Store clothing that won’t be used in the near future to make closets seem roomier. Clean out the garage. Buyers like to visualize their possessions in the house and that is hard to do when the home is full of clutter.


Down Payment Gifts

by The Jamison Team on 08/31/16

One of the biggest hurdles to getting into your first home is the down payment. Down payment gifts represent one way of dealing with this issue.

Down Payment Gifts

Down payments can be one of the hardest things to overcome for first time home buyers. Down payments can be extremely expensive, but the problem is they are extremely important. Although no down payment mortgage loans can be sought out, those loans are tricky and generally carry high interest rates meaning many avoid them. However, first time home buyers still need a way to be able to meet the down payment so they can proceed with purchasing their home. One of the forms of assistance that can be found to achieve this is down payment gifts.

Read More Here....

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