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This page was last updated: August 17, 2015
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News, Events, Tips and Resources

“Renting Back” After Your Home Is Sold

by The Jamison Team on 08/25/15

Sometimes it’s helpful to sell your home before you really want to move. This often happens when you are having a new home built, but aren’t sure of the completion date. Is there any way you can sell your home so you’re sure of the funds available for the new purchase, but continue to live in your old home until construction of the new one is complete. Yes, there is with the renting back strategy.   Read more here....

Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest Season

by The Jamison Team on 08/20/15

Now this looks like fun!!! Take the family out to the Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest between May 22 - September 27

Tickets to individual skating sessions can be purchased online or in-person


Admission: $3 (**Admission is FREE for Independence Blue Cross Cardholders and Employees**)

Skate Rental: $10

3 Simples Ways To Avoid Bankruptcy

by The Jamison Team on 08/06/15

In this debt-ridden society, many people are in severe financial difficulties. While bankruptcy is the last step in a long road of financial pressures for many, others opt for this solution too early, sometimes without considering suitable bankruptcy alternatives.

There are several options available for you if you are in debt and do not wish to declare bankruptcy. The most sought-after option is obtaining a debt-consolidation loan and closing all existing credit lines. Debt consolidation is where you take a new unsecured loan and use the funds to pay off your outstanding debts.  Read more here...

It Pays To Be Stingy

by The Jamison Team on 08/03/15

We know the importance of savings for the future. A dollar a day would have grown into $ 508,000 after 50 years. This assumes a 10.5 % annual return.

There are other ways to boost our retirement account other than cutting your expense by a few dollars a day. But first, you have to understand the importance of boosting just one percentage of your return. 1% does not seem much. After all, ....Read more here.....

Forced to Move

by The Jamison Team on 07/27/15

If you are in a position where you are forced to move, say by job transfer or because of health and clinic attendances, and you cannot sell your home, what can you do?

Well, first let's clarify the issue: chances are, you can sell your home - but you don't want to sell it for a nominal amount. You don't want to sell it for an amount below its value, or worse yet – you don't want to sell it for below what you owe on it. Read more here.....

Finding Structural Problems During The Home Inspection

by The Jamison Team on 07/15/15

When buying and selling homes, the property purchase is often subject to a satisfactory home inspection being done. Now and then, a home inspection uncovers severe structural problems. Here’s an example of a situation in an upscale neighborhood.

Severe Structural Problems

Does the buyer walk away when there are serious structural problems? Yes, but not always. A lot depends on the constraints facing the buyer (are they relocating to start a new job, or just “moving up” in the same general area?) and on how much the buyer likes the property. The attitude, maturity level, communication skills, and flexibility of both buyer and seller also make a huge difference.

It’s easy to see a deal blowing up in this situation. Let me tell you about a situation I saw that actually worked out.

Structural Problems – Montgomery County Property

The first involved two professional couples and a house one couple wanted to sell and the other wanted to buy in an established, up-scale neighborhood. The house was a colonial style, all brick, very traditional house built about 15 years ago using top of the line materials. The kitchen and bathrooms had been modernized and upgraded within the past 3 years. Top of the line materials (marble, ceramic tile, and granite) were again used.

The house was located on an acre lot that sloped gently down to the street in the front. About 10 feet from the right side of the house, the lot sloped steeply away to a pretty stream. The lot backed to a treed area of a beautifully maintained, historic estate owned by a university and open to the public on a fee-paying basis.

The home inspector noticed that the chimney on the right end of the house was pulling away from the house. It was about 2 inches away at the top, but the bottom was still attached. In the basement, there was some cracking along the wall the chimney was on. The home inspector would not certify the house as structurally sound, but recommended that an engineering firm take a look at it.

The buyer asked the seller to have an engineering study done. The seller was upset but didn’t go to pieces. Something was causing the chimney to pull away, so they called in an engineer. For legal reasons, the sellers also needed to understand what the problem was.

The engineer determined that shrink-swell soil was causing serious foundation problems. They recommended digging down a lot further than the original footers and constructing an elaborate new support system. The sellers agreed to do it and the buyers agreed to delay closing until the work was completed. Thirty thousand dollars later (out of the sellers’ pocket), the transaction closed.

In Closing

When considering the above example, what is the moral? If you keep a cool head and look for solutions, structural problems need not be a deal killer.

Kevin Jamison, Realtor, ABR
Re/Max Specialists

Meaning of Catch Phrases in Ads For Homes

by The Jamison Team on 07/10/15

If you are buying or selling a home, the chances are good you struggle with the meaning of descriptive real estate terms. Here’s the first in a series of articles explaining them. .....Learn more here

Estate Tax: What It Is And How It Is Filed

by The Jamison Team on 07/08/15

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), an Estate Tax is a tax that is imposed on your right to transfer your property and belongings after your death. The individual who is in charge of handing and filing an Estate Tax return is often the estate representative. An estate representative can be a family attorney or a family member who was declared the executor of an estate in a will. When dealing with an Estate Tax, there are number of things that an individual or family must do when.... Read more here

How Much Is My House Worth?

by The Jamison Team on 07/01/15

Are you wondering "how much is my house worth?" I have two answers for you. First, if you don't really need to move, it is worth whatever you say it is. If you think, "I wouldn't sell this house for less than $300,000," then it is worth that much to you. If you need to sell it, though, what it is worth to you is irrelevant.  Read more here

How To Start Your Home Construction Project

by The Jamison Team on 06/29/15

If you are going to take on a home construction project you need to know exactly what you are doing. By making sure that you know the details before you start, you will be ensure of ending up with a result that makes you smile.

The first thing to consider before you start a home construction project is how much work is going to go into it. This is an important step because if you underestimate the amount of work that is involved, you may end up getting yourself in too deep. You can estimate the at idea amount of work by simply breaking the project up into sections. Determine the amount of time and labor that each separate job will take; this will give you a greas to how difficult your home construction is. Read more here